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7 Tips for Setting Up Your Home Office for Maximum Productivity

Posted by Danielle McKelley on November 30, 2020

Working from home is more popular than ever. You’re saving money on fuel and travel expenses, you’ve got more time now that you’re not commuting, and you can work at your desk in your favorite pair of lounge pants.

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Transform Your Front Porch for Fall with Pops of Color and Textures

Posted by Danielle McKelley on October 20, 2020

Fall makes front porch sitting much more fitting. The air is crisp. Trees are bursting with color. Temperatures are much more tolerable. And the scent of pine and drying leaves circulates through the atmosphere.

To celebrate this pleasantly serene season, consider giving your front porch a fall makeover that creates a place for you to sip coffee, read a novel, or welcome neighbors.

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9 Winter Home Décor Ideas

Posted by Ryan Potvin on December 18, 2019

While you may be enjoying everything Western North Carolina has to offer, you may also just want to relax in your home and observe the cold weather from inside!  Make your home a winter headquarter by keeping your home stylish and cozy until the warmer months arrive.  Here are some winter home décor ideas:

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Get Your Home Ready For The Colder Months Ahead

Posted by Ryan Potvin on November 27, 2019

The cold months are upon us, and while that means gorgeous views and several holidays, it also means that home owners have to deal with a unique set of challenges.

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Featured Home Design: The Kimberly

Posted by Danielle McKelley on October 31, 2019

Only minutes from historic downtown Hendersonville and just a short drive from Lake Lure, you'll find our community Vista at Blacksmith Run — an exclusive Western North Carolina mountain property designed for residential development.

We are breaking down each floor plan that is offered in Blacksmith Run each month. 

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3 Must Haves When Starting the Custom Home Building Process

Posted by Ryan Potvin on September 13, 2019

Building a custom home is a long and complex process that has many variables. While the finished product can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life, the path to getting there can be quite stressful if you're not prepared. Before you begin the process of building your custom dream home, there are a few things you should know that will help everything go more smoothly so you can have peace of mind throughout the planning and building process.

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What You Need to Know if You’re a First Time Home Buyer

Posted by Ryan Potvin on August 15, 2019

Home buying is one of the most important decisions a person can make. Being aware of the various factors and concerns regarding home buying is incredibly important, so we put together a list to help. Here is what you need to know if you’re a first time home buyer:

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How to Calculate Your Potential Mortgage Payment

Posted by Ryan Potvin on June 13, 2019

One of the most important parts of buying that beautiful mountain home of your dreams is planning for the mortgage. Mortgages can often be confusing and understanding how the loan is calculated and the different variables involved will help you make the wisest decision possible and get yourself moved in sooner than later!

To get started you’ll need some information regarding the loan and then you can use a mortgage calculator like this one or you can get out the pen and paper and do it by hand. But what details do you need?

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How to Decide When to Buy a New House

Posted by Ryan Potvin on May 02, 2019

Although home ownership may not be the best decision for everyone, it is definitely an important choice to consider. Home ownership can be beneficial by increasing your independence, as well as paving a path toward economic stability. It can be a rewarding and satisfying experience but not one to be considered lightly. When considering a new home purchase, how do you know it’s the right time? Here are a few factors to consider when you are ready to buy a new house:

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What Affects My Property Value?

Posted by Ryan Potvin on April 15, 2019

The value of your property is a complex mix of economic factors as well as highly subjective value judgments. Once all of these are considered, you may have a decent idea of what is considered valuable in the market. Are you looking to sell or buy soon? What are all the various factors, both objective and subjective, that affect the value of your property?

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