The 4 Best Coffee Shops In Downtown Asheville, North Carolina

Posted by Danielle McKelley on April 11, 2023

Coffee Shops In Asheville, NCAsheville may be best-known for being Beer City, USA, but there’s more to this mid-sized city with a small-town feel than locally-brewed craft beer.

Asheville is also a mecca for some of the best coffee in the Southeast! From downtown to the surrounding area, Asheville is full of locals who take their morning cup of coffee very seriously. We’ve picked out four great options for coffee shops you should try — and a few runners-up, too.

When you’re spending time downtown:

Whether you’re a tourist in town for the weekend or an Asheville local needing your morning pick-me-up when you’re starting your day, we recommend the Green Sage Cafe! It’s not just a great location to pick up a cup of coffee, they also serve delicious organic, healthy food and are known around Western North Carolina for their smoothie and juice options, too! Our favorite? The seasonal pumpkin spice latte is the perfect take on this beautiful season.


Malaprop’s Bookstore/Cafe/ An eternal downtown favorite, Malaprop’s is a bookstore with a cafe inside. We suggest you try the Wolf in Cheap Clothing — a honey and vanilla soy latte that starts your day off on the sweet side.

A great place to grab some coffee when you’re strolling the River Arts District?

Ask the artists who have their studios around the neighborhood and they’re likely to recommend Clingman Cafe. A breakfast and lunch spot that serves great organic coffee alongside soups, salads, sandwiches, and more, Clingman is a local favorite.

Runner-up: While not a cafe, PennyCup Coffee Company is a roaster located just on the other side of Murray Hill Park. They roast their beans to perfection, and it’s worth a trip to their tasting room to experience a truly fresh first sip.

Looking to start your morning right in West Asheville?

Check out BattleCat Coffee Bar! With a focus on locally-sourced coffees (their daily brews come from PennyCup!) and artwork by local artists on display, you’ll find Asheville’s heart and soul right inside. We recommend the Cafe Miel or, if you have someone who isn’t much into coffee with you, their Iced Yerba Mate for a tea with plenty of energy to start your day.

Runner-up:Just a little bit different (aren’t we all?), Odd’s Cafe may just be the coffee spot you’ve been searching for. Come in the morning for a perfectly made cappuccino, or settle in for live music in the evenings.

Hoping for options that aren’t in the city limits?

Asheville is surrounded by small towns with their own perfect coffee spot for you to find. Our suggestion is a trip east to Black Mountain, just outside of Asheville, for The Dripolator. A small-town place with charm and a great sense of humor, you’ll love strolling the streets of Black Mountain, cup in hand.

Runner-up: Willing to cross the state line? Head down to Travelers Rest, South Carolina and stop in at Tandem Creperie and Coffeehouse! Sweet and savory crepes are available, with a menu (and specialty latte options) that change by the season.

Asheville’s micro brews may be what’s getting its name into travel magazines, but its coffee culture deserves some notice, too! With local roasters providing supplies to many of the coffee shops on this list, Asheville citizens know what it means to “shop local” — even when it comes to your morning latte.

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