How Big Of A House Do You Need?

Posted by Danielle McKelley on August 16, 2016

Vista-Devs-1If you ever have sat down and pondered your future, the visualization of your dream home has probably come to you a time or two. You imagine your wrap-around porch with rocking chairs, gourmet kitchen, and even that fantasy bedroom for your little kid.

You may have also pictured your house deeply secluded in the woods or in that cookie-cutter neighborhood you've always envied. What you may not have wondered about was the square footage of your home, and today, we want to provide you with a few things to remember before you purchase your large home

Review Your Lifestyle: 

Deciding on the size of your home begins with understanding your lifestyle. Are you a homebody, throw multiple get togethers, or are you typically just there to sleep? Are you single, married, planning a family or have a family, or intend to have your parent(s) / in-law(s) move in for health reasons? In order to make the most efficient decision on buying a home, the size and space of it should be a direct reflection of who you are and what you do, rather than what you hope others think you are.

Finalize Your Priorities

Large homes typically suggest high-end maintenance chores and up keep, and is usually not thought of until you've already moved in your huge mansion and realize the cost of maintenance has increased significantly. Increased yard work like grooming shrubs and pulling weeds, general housekeeping like washing windows and baseboards, and regulating HVAC throughout your whole house should be enough to puncture dollar signs through your eyes right now.  Your finances may be fine right now, but consider how much a large home will cost you after you add up the previously stated. Furthermore, consider if you will enjoy the responsibilities of owning a large home, or if you would rather put your money, and time, in other activities, such as owning a beach house, or going on extravagant vacations every year with your kids.

Consider Future Funding 

You may have children in elementary school or middle school, but have you thought about how they are going to go off to college after these adolescent years fly by? Are you saving up for your own retirement once life settles down for you and your spouse? Try to remember that life changes drastically and you need to be able to afford abrupt expenditures later on, too.

Unfortunate Superficial Tactics

We have seen so many people do the following, and we truly want you to be mindful of buying a large home because you want to keep up with the Jonses, got a pay raise at work, or want to show off to people that don't matter. Be sure to remember that smaller homes are less expensive, easier to maintain, consume less power, and are a way for your family to constantly interact with each other. It's also nice to keep in mind you might be in your thirties or forties now, but when your fifties and sixties hit, are you really going to want to keep up with the responsibilities of a large home?  

Here at Vista Developers, we truly want you to make your home unique, and yours, which is why we care so much about our community. If you've chosen to build your dream home in WNC, we'd love for you to consider us here at Vista Developers.

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