The Construction Process for Home-Building

Posted by Rachel Allain on March 28, 2023

home-structure copyHave you ever wondered what goes into building a custom home? Maybe you have some questions about the steps to build a home after the design is completed and the deal is made.

Our Process of Building eBook covers all the steps of building a custom-designed or pre-planned home from the lot picking stage to your home welcoming.

Here we'll go into depth about the construction process for home-building.

The Full Construction Process for Home Building

Home Site Preparation

Once you have your plot picked and planned out, this is the initial step to creating your home. We clear any rocks, shrubs, or underbrush that may be getting in the way of the foundation. This leaves a blank canvas for us to work on.

Foundation and Framing

The foundation is the most important step, as in the name, it lays the foundation for the whole home to sit on. We'll ensure we pick the best grade of foundation material for proper drainage.

Next is the framing, which is where the home begins to take real shape. This provides the structure for the interiors and exteriors of your home.

Rough Home System Install

A "rough" install is the process of creating the guidelines for your home's connections, like plumbing and electricity. Mapping it out helps us ensure everything is in the right spot before connections are made.

Insulation and Drywall

Now it's time to install the insulation, which keeps your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Good insulation fitting can save you money on energy bills.

Then, hanging the drywall, filling the gaps, and smoothing it down to a nice finish brings us closer to the final shape of the home.

Finish Painting and Carpentry

All your picks for cabinets, countertops, and vanities will be installed. Following that, the wall colors you picked will be applied to your home. These steps bring out the true character of your home.

Flooring and Finishing Touches

Your tile, hardwood, granite, and carpet selections will all come together for their installations, bringing the home to its final stage. It's now ready for inspection!

Home Inspection

This final step is an overall inspection. We look to ensure that your home is up to standards and meets all your dream home requirements as planned in the design process.

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