4 Easy Ways To "Green Up" Your Living Spaces

Posted by Danielle McKelley on March 06, 2018

Indoor PlantsWe can thank Joanna Gaines for all the hype of the farmhouse decor and homes. This style has become insanely popular since "Fixer Upper" has aired and one of the things we love most about the Farmhouse trend is all of the emphasis on bringing greenery right into your home!

Bringing the outside in has many benefits to your health: houseplants help to absorb pollutants and exchange the for oxygen, improving air quality. They're also peaceful and relaxing to look at. 

We are sharing four easy ways for you to bring your living spaces to life. Let's get started! 

Use Elements Found In Nature 

If you see something outside that you love like a stone, a pinecone, branches, or other natural decor, bring it home with you and use it to decorate the rooms. Use these little things as accent details and combine them with hanging planters or fresh flowers in vases. Try adding photographs and murals of these elements if you don’t have the real thing on hand.

Let Natural Light In & Open Windows

Natural light is helps lighten your mood and is proving to keep us happy. If you like to have privacy but want natural light try sheer curtains or lighter fabrics. Fresh air also helps your indoor plants to thrive and  help you feel alive and at peace. Turn off the AC occasionally and open your windows! 

Bonus Tip:  The spider plant (Chlorophytum comosum) is one of the best plants to bring inside to keep your home's air clean and fresh. It is one of the most popular and easiest to grow of house plants.

Use Colors Inspired By The Outdoors

Nature offers much inspiration for using color at home.From the color of the green forest to the bright, blue sky and the bold red in a fiery sunset, color is all around us. Work these colors into your home throughout your walls, window coverings, bedding and decor. 

Decorate With Fruits, Vegetables, and Plants 

Decorate an area such as the dining room with green elements such as fruits, vegetables, plants, and flowers. You can use these as centerpieces or in a variety of other ways. It would be like enjoying a picnic indoors where it’s nice and cozy.

Bonus Tip: Use lemons, limes, and mint for a visual and aromatic outdoor inspiration!

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