Bringing the Outdoors Inside with Your Home Designs

Posted by Danielle McKelley on November 06, 2018

houseplant in a home officeBeing in nature creates a calming effect for most people. Nearly everyone relishes a chance to step outside the walls and take in some fresh air.

Many choose to make nature a more integrated part of their day by bringing it into their homes in more tangible ways. Here are some great ways to bring the great outdoors into your home designs:

Add houseplants

It may seem obvious, but adding an array of house plants to your home will not only liven it up visually but will also freshen the air inside. Since plants use CO2 and create oxygen, they're a great, all-natural way to recycle your indoor air. Plus, the added greenery will make your home feel more alive, and you can add your favorite plants or vary the sizes and shapes in a fun way.

Grow produce in your kitchen

You can grow produce or even make a small herb garden with labels so that when you’re cooking and need a few fresh herbs, they’re handy. This is a tasty, healthy way to bring the feel of a garden right into your kitchen and brighten up your home's atmosphere.

River rock around the fireplace

Using rock in your living space is a bold, creative way to connect your decor with the outdoors. The rocks' rough surfaces will give any room a rugged feel, but make sure to personalize your stone surface so that it fits your home's distinct character. You can choose small thin stones that fit together like bricks from a home goods store, or you can go with larger river rocks for a wilder feel.

Natural wood surfaces

Any time you can incorporate wood into the structure of your home, it will instantly create a more relaxed, natural feel. Use reclaimed barn siding to craft beautiful bookshelves and display racks. Some charities repurpose weathered wood for home decor products and sell them to support their programs. You can invest in your home and do good at the same time by buying from one of them.

Explore your home's natural decorative history

If you live in an older home, a previous tenant may have added a creative, natural twist that someone later covered up. You can peel back that old carpet to expose beautiful hardwood floors underneath, for instance. Photos of your home in a previous era are archaeological gold for this kind of decorating.

Decorate with fruits and vegetables

Produce makes a classic centerpiece on the dining table, but there's more you can do with fruits and vegetables. You can make vases out of hollowed-out carrots or peppers, or tie green beans around the base of a candle with a sage-green ribbon for a candleholder. The possibilities are endless.
  • Use wood for household objects – Don’t only think of using wood in the structure of your home. You can easily incorporate it into daily life through objects or creative displays. Chop vegetables on a wooden cutting board in the kitchen instead of plastic, or serve your guests in wooden salad bowls for an earthy look. If you picked up driftwood on a beach trip, display it in a crafty presentation for the dining room table with fresh wildflowers.
  • Terrariums – Terrariums are on the trend now. They’re fun to make and offer a kid-friendly way to bring the outdoors indoors. You can mount them, set them on the kitchen table as a centerpiece, or do a number of other things with them. If a smaller scale terrarium sounds more doable for you, use a wine glass or other similar glass to add a small touch to your home.
  • Paint your walls a natural color – Don’t only think objects. Think wall color. By repainting a room or even an accent wall a natural color, you’ll create an ambience of the outdoors within your home. Take a look at the 2019 Colormix Forecast at Sherwin-Williams for some great natural color ideas such as a light mushroom color or a lush leafy green.

Accent with more natural materials

The types of materials you use to decorate with are a quick and easy way to bring the outdoors inside. By using a hemp rug or a woven basket, the tone of the room gets softened and feels more natural. Bringing the outdoors into your home creates a more appealing, relaxed environment where guests and family alike feel welcome. Whether you incorporate a few small decorative items or add natural elements into the structure, opening your space to the outdoors makes a beautiful way to give a fresh upgrade in your home.

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