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Tips for Choosing Your New Neighborhood

Posted by Heidi Willard on May 09, 2018

Depending on your personality type, finding a new neighborhood can either be exciting or overwhelming. Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum of eager versus anxious, it's helpful to begin your search by asking yourself several important questions.

These questions will guide you through your possibilities and ultimately lead you to the neighborhood that's right for you!

Let's get started...

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Formal Dining vs. Open Concept

Posted by Heidi Willard on April 10, 2018

If you've watched HGTV at any point in the last five years, you've probably heard the term "open concept." In fact, you hardly need totune in for more than a minute before someone on screen raves about an open concept floor plan or complains about the lack of one.

Open concept floor plans are certainly popular, and they're likely here to stay. But does the open concept dining room mean an end to the formal dining room? Not likely. Considering the fact that both options have several unique advantages, it's likely that you'll be seeing both formal dining and open concept dining areas in both new homes and homes that have been recently remodeled.

The real question to answer is, which dining room style is right for you? That's what this article will help you determine.

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